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2014-07-20 03:54 pm

When Princesses Meet Chapter 1

One bright summer day, a beautiful princess named Rapunzel was walking with her husband, Eugene Fitzherbert. Corona was a beautiful kingdom ruled by Rapunzel and Eugene. They were just about to turn around and head back home when all of a sudden, a horse and it's rider came bursting through the trees. Rapunzel gasped.

"Who are you?" Rapunzel asked. The girl looked up at her. She had really wild red hair and blue eyes that were wide.

"I-I'm Merida." She spoke in an accent that Rapunzel nor Eugene could quite place.

"I am Princess Rapunzel. From the kingdom of Corona. Which you are in right now by the way." Rapunzel said kindly to Merida. Merida grinned.

"Good. Because I'm Princess Merida of DunBroch. A kingdom just bordering yours. We are in great peril and need your help. I'm afraid we have been attacked by some natives from another land and they will not leave until my kingdom hands me over to them. My mother and father sent me to find a army to help them fight. So whaddya say? Will Corona assist DunBroch in battle Princess Rapunzel?" Merida explained.

Rapunzel smiled. "Of course we will. There is no greater honour my friend." Rapunzel replied.